First Week of Semester 6

Hey everyone,

Break was great, but I’m certainly happy to be back on campus. I’ve been settling back in nicely, and it honestly feels like I’ve been back for longer than a week already.

This semester, I worked my class schedule out so I would only have four days of classes a week, with Monday being entirely open. I’m also booked for two tour shifts on Mondays – so if you want to have me as a guide, you should probably book your tour for Monday.

Work has actually not been a major factor so far. I’ve already seen a lot of people spending way too much time in the library, so it’s nice to be eased back into it. Obviously things will pick up soon, but at least for now, things aren’t too heavy. I’ve been mostly spending the past week hanging around with friends who just came back from their study abroad programs.

Coming up this weekend, I’m set to provide camera work for the Holy Cross Women’s Hockey game on Saturday. It should be a fun one, so if you’re in the area, definitely come by and say hello. I’m also slated to work the tail end of the basketball doubleheader on Monday. That’s going to be broadcast nationally, so there are some nerves there. I’m sure it’ll go well, though.

I really need to get better at taking pictures and including them, so all I’ll be able to provide this time are words. I’ll make sure to get some for next time. That’s all for now – talk soon.

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